You are just beginning to explore options for separation and divorce. Should you go with a pricey family law attorney to get the process started, or should you try an amicable separation and divorce, to save time and money?

First Things First: Your Separation Agreement

Any hope of getting through an divorce begins with an separation agreement, also called a property settlement agreement. That instrument works out all the details, issues, and dilemmas you and your separating spouse will face in divorce. A good divorce begins with a good separation.

Separation: Legal and Lean

An uncontested separation and divorce is legal and lean. With a solid separation and later divorce, you face no lawyers racking up fees for every phone call, email, and office visit.

Virginia’s Circuit Courts will accept legal documents if they comply with the Code of Virginia, the repository of all Virginia’s laws. You can adhere to the Commonwealth’s expectations while saving yourself (and your separating spouse) a lot of money.

Separation — and the subsequent divorce — work extremely well if both of you agree to an uncontested, no-fault divorce. Though you cannot speed up the process by months and months, the  uncontested, no-fault divorce is as streamlined as Virginia can get, starting with the first step: a separation agreement.

After six months’ separation (with no children) or a year’s separation (with children), you can file for divorce with the aid of The Firm For Divorce that guides you through the necessary documents. It’s fast, efficient, friendly to use, and cost-saving.

Better and Better

An uncontested divorce service that gets your divorce on its way is a better choice for some couples than going through family law attorneys. You save money, yes, but you also avoid some needless conflicts:

  • Divorce, starting with that all-important property separation agreement, requires you both to go with an uncontested, no-fault divorce
  • You invest less emotion, drama, and time in an separation and divorce, getting on with your lives faster

Going through the steps of a separation and divorce, you and your spouse must talk to each other, reason out challenges, and agree not to disagree.

If, during the process, one or the other of you has serious problems with how things are unfolding, you should stop the uncontested divorce and consider going to family law attorneys for a contested divorce.

Bad to Worse

A separation agreement leading to divorce is not universally a good choice. If you can check off one or more of these situations, you will benefit from going to attorneys for your separation and divorce:

  • One of you accuses the other of adultery, kinky sex outside of marriage, commission and conviction of a felony, cruelty, abandonment, or bodily harm
  • Either one of you has, or both of you have, high enough income, investment portfolio, or land holdings to require the services of forensic accountants, investigators, and tax attorneys
  • Your finances are complicated by issues like patents or intellectual properties, offshore investments, or multiple business holdings
  • Either of you wishes to contest the divorce

Escape to Paradise

For most Virginians, getting out of a bad marriage is a costly race against emotions. The fastest, least expensive, least painful way to achieve that escape is to start with a property settlement agreement leading to divorce. You march through hell for a few months and then escape to your own private paradise.

If you and your divorcing spouse can be civil to one another, discuss concerns and conflicts maturely, and keep an eye on the outcome, a separation agreement leading to divorce is right for you.

That Personal Touch

Amazingly, one of the aspects often worried over with separation and divorce is the personal attention an attorney brings to your case. You want to be doted over, fussed over, and attended to. Your pride is hurt. You seek comfort. How can an uncontested divorce give you that?

It can’t, but neither, truthfully, can an attorney. Your case is one of many any Virginia family law attorney deals with every day. And you’ll pay for all that personal attention. A separation and divorce, if done through the right service, still provides that personal touch. It just does not charge an arm and a leg for every dotted i and crossed t.

You can personalize powerful separation and divorce documents with parenting schedules, property division, child custody and support, spousal support, military retirement plans, and more. Be careful, though; not every firm will give you this ability.

Come to and see the difference a truly powerful, fully customizable separation and divorce service can make. The legal documents you get for your efforts are fully compliant with Virginia’s laws, completely personalized to your situation, and very affordable.